About Us

The Special Protective Service, LLC© is a Maryland based private security agency that provides private interests with high-quality Physical Asset Protection (PAP) services. Our Patrol Officers, Security Guards, Private Detectives & Special Police Officers are carefully selected and highly experienced. Additionally, our officer training program is one of the best in the country requiring a minimum of 96 hours of training prior to assignment and every officer adheres to ASIS International security standards.

Our officers take great pride in securing the various retail stores, construction sites, churches, banks, apartments, government facilities, and schools under our protection. We are a true asset to our clients and community. Public safety and security on our client sites is our #1 priority. If you are looking for a firm with exceptional integrity, experience, value, and professionalism, you found us. We are registered in the eMaryland Marketplace and we can provide the government with services in the following service codes:

  • 961-47 Law Enforcement Services (Including Process Server Services)
  • 90-46 Guard and Security Services
  • 990-67 Patrol Services
  • 953-53 Investigation Services
  • 961-50 Legal Services Including Depositions and Expert Witness Testimony
  • 990-52 Investigative Services
  • 990-80 Surveillance Services
  • 905-68 Security Screening Services, Personal
  • 918-93 Security Consulting
  • 962-65 Protection Services (Not including buildings)
  • 990-25 Crime Prevention Services
  • 990-30 Disaster Relief Services
  • 990-78 Security Services, Hazardous Waste Site
  • 958-14 Border Security Management and Operation Services

As a local Veteran Owned Small Business, our commitment to serving the people we live next to is unmatched. While generating a profit is key to any businesses success and continued operation, our focus is quality and perfection of our profession. We take pride in our uniforms, appearance, professional knowledge, and attention to detail and we are 100% committed to both our success, and yours.

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