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Terrorist Stopped by Navy Security Forces

The SPS would like to salute the brave U.S. Navy Security Forces for their heroism in the recent terrorist attack attempt in Corpus Christi, TX. The Stars & Stripes reported that, “The gunman tried to speed through a base security gate, opening fire and wounding the sailor, a member of base security, U.S. officials told the AP. But she was able to roll over and hit the switch that raised a barrier, preventing the man from getting onto the base, the officials said. Other security personnel shot and killed the man” (Web 2020). A link to the video can be seen here:

The U.S. Navy Master at Arms, Security Forces, and 0083 (Federal Police), protect all Naval faculties in the US and around the world. All Security Forces personal attend either the U.S. Navy Law Enforcement Academy or the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC). Some of the training topics in these schools include anti-terrorism/force protection, law enforcement, physical asset protection, active-shooter response, WMD’s, arrest procedures, and deadly force. It is clear from this attempted terrorist attack that the training paid off. Bravo Zulo.